Introduction to Recommender Systems Handbook

Part I Basic Techniques

- Data Mining Methods for Recommender Systems
- Content-based Recommender Systems: State of the Art and Trends
- A Comprehensive Survey of Neighborhood-based Recommendation Methods
- Advances in Collaborative Filtering
- Developing Constraint-based Recommenders
- Context-Aware Recommender Systems

Part II Applications and Evaluation of RSs

- Evaluating Recommendation Systems
- A Recommender System for an IPTV Service Provider: a Real Large-Scale Production Environment
- How to Get the Recommender Out of the Lab?
- Matching Recommendation Technologies and Domains
- Recommender Systems in Technology Enhanced Learning

Part III Interacting with Recommender Systems

- On the Evolution of Critiquing Recommenders
- Creating More Credible and Persuasive Recommender Systems: The Influence of Source Characteristics on Recommender System Evaluations
- Designing and Evaluating Explanations for Recommender Systems
- Usability Guidelines for Product Recommenders Based on Example Critiquing Research
- Map Based Visualization of Product Catalogs

Part IV Recommender Systems and Communities

- Communities, Collaboration, and Recommender Systems in Personalized Web Search
- Social Tagging Recommender Systems
- Trust and Recommendations
- Group Recommender Systems: Combining Individual Models
- Aggregation of Preferences in Recommender Systems
- Active Learning in Recommender Systems
- Multi-Criteria Recommender Systems
- Robust Collaborative Recommendation